No : MoongoonNO

cdr, limited edition


Tourette Records' first release is a collection of older material by Jan Iwers project No, co-released with No Rekords. Some of the tracks date as far back as the late 1990s and in parts the material has been previously released (on the 7" of the same name on Drone and the Schmoll compilation on Dhyana). No is all over the place here. There is a short piano improvisation, a reverie of quietly dancing notes. There are far stretched sub-bass drones, combined with airy high frequencies and hints of melodies. There are tracks built from contrasting blocks and fragments of sound, rumbling just above the threshold of audibility, spiraling upwards and downwards, moving like soft clouds in the sky. Some field recordings, both processed and unprocessed are to be spotted now and then, but mostly No moves in abstract terrains. He manages to keep a remarkable coherence in all these pieces, a sense of structure and tension and a sound that is all soft and gentle but keeps a certain jagged quality below the surface.

So this CD-R presents a nice collection of tracks, making older, probably long gone material available again and serving as a good introduction as well as a highly welcome retrospective.
[Review by MSS]

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