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Russia has had an incredibly interesting and mostly uncredited underground electronic scene for some time. One of its flag bearers has been Ivan Pavlov who has been a longtime contributor to Raster-Noton as well as running the obscure Wavetrap label. He has collaborated with Cosey Fanny Tutti and currently works with other Throbbing Gristle member Peter Christopherson as Soi Song. The LP I’m currently listening to is called DZERZHINSK-9 and is pulled from 1996 recordings which were made with DAO which is Andrej Dao Kolesov. DAO + CoH uses bass, guitars and custom ZX Spectrum and the results are pretty damn awesome. The beats are really energizing while the bass comes through like Jack Dangers in fine form. There is a distinct 90‘s flavour and yet it retains a freshness. ‘Propharadeia’ is a really driving track that makes me shake my body from finger to toe. ‘Oka’ is dark and sinister coming through like an Autechre/Muslimgauze hybrid, seething with eastern paranoia. ‘Sung In Sand' continues the eastern flavour with its building intricate yet subtle percussion and swooping synths. Out on Tourette records. Great stuff !

[Review by Normanrecords]