At Willie's Place

Digipak CD - ltd. ed. of 400
tourette 017


"I get the honor of announcing Mark Spybey's collaborative release with Gnome (aka Tony D'Oporto). Gnome and Spybey's At Willie's Place on Tourette Records in a limited edition of 400 copies. It's a gorgeous journey from the heights of the clouds to the forest floor. It's an album of detailed synthetic warmth populated by remotely ethnic melodic figures which roam the tracks like living creatures. The album reminds of Ariel Kalma, the Residents at their most serene, Coil at their most reflective, Aphex at his most ambient, and Eno at his most melodious. It's mood music for those times when you just aren't quite sure what mood you're in, a beam of welcome morning light pouring through the window after a sleepless night of worry. At Willie's Place is the most vibrant record of electronic music I've heard in quite some time.


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