Six Organs Of Admittance / ( r )
7" / Tourette 029 / ltd ed. 350 copies

(R) / Six Organs of AdmittanceA split single on limited edition magenta opaque 7” vinyl between the project ( r ) of Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo - of Blind Cave Salamander, Almagest!, Larsen - and Ben Chasny's Six Organs Of Admittance.

Two radically different and twisted versions of Rowland S Howard's teenage angst classic “Shivers”.

With this release Ben and Fabrizio pay tribute to one of their iconic guitar player/songwriters and also publicly seal the mutual respect for each other's work after years of friendship and touring together.

Ben and Fabrizio are currently working along with Daniele Pagliero, Paul Beauchamp and Marco Milanesio on a full length imaginary soundtrack to be released later this year.

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Six Organs Of Admittance

Daniele Pagliero

Paul Beauchamp