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MerzbowRecordings from Masami Akita and Kiyoshi Mizutani.

Kiyoshi was a member of Merzbow in the 80’s and makes solo works since 1989, though main man Masami Akita has been the backbone of the band in history since 1979. These recordings are from the 87-89 era and some earliest recordings released in the year 1979.

The first abroad tour of MERZBOW was in 1988 in Russia featuring Masami Akita and Kiyoshi Mizutani. The 2nd one was in Europe (Holland, Germany and France) in 1989 and Kiyoshi also joined some shows. During this period they are very active in duo sessions at local studio and made lots of recordings. Some of them were used as raw materials for MERZBOW (solo works of Masami Akita) albums like 'S.C.U.M' (1989) but these original sessions had never been released until now. These recordings are also mirror works of his solo recordings like 'Ecobondage' (87), 'Enclosure' (88) or 'Storage' (88).

Both of us are playing same instruments as Metal Box with Piano Wire and Feedback audio mixer which I built for these recordings. 100 copies will have a bonus CD along with signed card from early times. Duo is not just another album from Merzbow but History put onto the table for your pleasure.

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