GX Jupitter-Larsen / The New Blockaders
“Live At The Schimpfluch Carnival”

LP - tourette 041

- standard edition ( LP ltd to 250 copies)
- special edition (LP+7" - 50 copies in handmade covers)
- ultra special edition of 10 copies : 1. LP test-pressing (w/ handmade covers) / 2. LP / 7" test-pressing (w/ different design handmade covers to 1.) The first 5 are different versions defunct but sound really nice.

Masami Akita - John Duncan : "The Black Album"

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In 2012, a retrospective/celebration of the Schimpfluch Gruppe (est. by Rudolf Eber in Zurich in 1987) took place at the prestigious Arnolfini in Bristol, England. The audience were treated to a selection of live performances, sound-installations, films, photographs and contextualising panel discussions. Alongside core Schimpfluch artists Rudolf Eber (Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock), Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant) and Dave Phillips, the Carnival included live performances by Schimpfluch allies, selected by members of Schimpfluch themselves: The New Blockaders, GX Jupitter-Larsen (The Haters), Vagina Dentata Organ, Junko (Hijokaidan) and others. The New Blockaders teamed with GX Jupitter-Larsen to give a blistering performance of nihilism which was classic in approach, construction and destruction.

Live At The Schimpfluch Carnival includes the entire TNB/Jupitter-Larsen performance (recorded from the soundboard.) Also included is a recent TNB/Jupitter-Larsen/Ace Farren Ford (LAFMS/Smegma) collaboration, These Things Happen.

An edition of 300 on clear vinyl / full-cover cover, the first 50 of which include a split TNB/Jupitter-Larsen 7” each housed in a unique handmade cover.